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Project Vojtech Szabó Jazz Band is primarily inspired by the legacy of the great gypsy swing guitarist Django Reinhardt. Django Reinhardt is considered to be one of the best jazz players and composers of all time. He created a unique virtuoso style of jazz – manouche, also known as “gypsy swing.” Rhythms frequently used in jazz manouche include swing, bossa-nova, samba, latin, valse musette, groove, and chanson. The program consists of Django Reinhardt’s music and original compositions by the band members. Vojtech Szabó is not afraid to include global pop hits or classical music adapted to swing in its repertoire. Renowned artists associated with gypsy swing are Stephane Grappelli, Edith Piaf, Stochelo Rosenberg, Tchavolo Schmitt, Gus Viseur or the French singer ZAZ. Vojtech Szabó Jazz Band lineup includes Vojtech Szabó on the accordion, Pavol Bereza on the guitar, Ján Rigó on the double bass and Josef Bagár on the drums.