Accordion different than how we know it …

Výchovný koncert určený pro žáky 1. a 2. stupně ZŠ.

Educational concerts aimed at elementary school students, where the accordion is introduced as a full-fledged musical instrument that can be played in an extraordinary way. The accordion is seen in the Czech Republic as a folk instrument. Many people, after asking them: “Do you know the accordion?” become uncertain and wonder what kind of musical instrument they should visualize under that label. When we mention the “pull harmonica,” most people’s first guess is, so called “pub folk”.

Vojta Szabó will introduce himself as an accordionist – classical, jazz, Latin American, French, Balkan, dedicated to chanson and pop music. During the concert, you will also hear the Roland FR 8x accordion on which, thanks to special effects, you can imitate sounds of a piano, clarinet, mandolin, guitar, synthesizers, etc. One player can instantly sound like the whole band. Vojtěch Szabó interconnects music with history and geography with this project and “travels” through the whole world with his accordion, without leaving the concert hall and interactively engages students in the audience in the program, not forgetting modern trends in education.

Performed by: Vojtěch Szabó accordion