About me

Family, health and music are the three main pillars of my life that are extremely important to me. They bring me joy, give strength and help me be successful.
I love improvisation, it makes me feel free, it allows me to put a little piece of ME into the song and interpret the song different every time …

I like challenges and I set high goals for myself… disappointment does not stall me, it gets me further.




Vojtěch Szabó, solo accordion player, belongs to the accordion interpretation peak. In his homeland, in Slovakia, he is considered the best jazz accordion player ever. Not only solo accordion is the domain of the great instrumentalist Vojtěch Szabó. He also appears on stage along with a symphonic orchestra or a jazz band, not only with the accordion on his chest, but also on the piano stool behind the grand piano or upright piano. Vojtěch’s affection to jazz, French and Argentinian music is evident even when playing classical accordion works in which he discovers syncopes, never heard before. He has been playing accordion since he was five. He grew up in a musical family where he was most influenced by his father, who played drums and travelled the world with a jazz band. Thanks to fatherly influence, Vojtěch Szabó avoided playing in a cimbalom band, where most of the accordionists in the folklore-booming Slovakia “parked” and tirelessly and stubbornly went after his own style – jazz, French chansons and Latin American musical style. It is thanks to his genius and his humor, that he became a unique musical-interpretive personality, lining up between best players worldwide.


After graduating from the Music School, he played with jazz musicians in Slovakia such as Peter Lipa, Jozef Brisuda, Andrej Šebo, Ján Babič. He also performed with members of the ensemble of the Slovak Theater in Uherské Hradiště, Bohuslav Martinů Philharmonic Zlín, Zdenka Trvalcová, Ondřej Soukup, Felix Slováček, Takács Nikolas (Hu), Pavlína Senić, Pavel Šporcl, Michael Kocáb and others. He recorded a CD as a special guest of Pavel Šporcl and Gipsy Way Ensemble, with whom he performed at GIPSY FIRE GENERALI TOUR 2014 throughout the Czech Republic. He is currently in the final stage of completing a solo CD, which was recorded under supervision of Michael Kocáb. In 2016 he filmed The Adventurers (starring Jean Reno), where he played the role of an accordionist. Vojtěch Szabó’s role models include Richard Galliano, Art van Damme, Frank Marocco, Keith Jarrett, Oscar Peterson and many others. Vojtěch Szabó performed in front of Richard Gallian, the world-renowned musician, on the occasion of his concert in Brno at the end of 2016.